What Employers can Expect in 2016

April 4 2016 - 2016 is already looking like it may be an annus horribilis for UK immigration. With major changes to Tier 2 on the horizon, an "in/out" EU referendum, and the controversial Immigration Bill 2015 in the pipeline, the UK Government is determined to stick to its mantra of limiting net migration to the tens of thousands.

Changes to Tier 2
Businesses wanting to recruit skilled migrant workers in order to cope with skills shortages in the resident labour market generally must sponsor migrants under Tier 2.

In June 2015, the UK Government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to report on what it saw as an overuse of Tier 2, and recommend ways to reduce migration under this category. The MAC published its eagerly awaited report in January 2016, and, although there will not be a complete overhaul of Tier 2, the proposals are certainly prohibitive. They include:

Jessica Churchman, Laura Devine Attorneys

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