The Times: Letters to the Editor

Laura Devine’s letter to the Editor on potential consequences of Britain leaving the EU has been published in The Times today.

“Sir, Should the referendum result in the UK leaving the EU, the impact will not only be on EU nationals residing in or planning to come to the UK but also on British citizens who wish to travel or live in other member states, including those with homes in another EU country. The implications of a Brexit on British citizens will depend on the provisions of domestic law in each member state, the transitional arrangements agreed after an exit and any reciprocal agreements between the UK and other member states. British citizens who are living in another EU state should consider applying for permanent residence or citizenship now. Correspondingly, we have received a noticeable increase in instructions from EU national clients living in the UK wishing to apply to naturalise as British citizens. Should the UK vote to leave the EU, it will no doubt be some years before provisions for a UK exit are implemented, by which time many EU nationals may have already gained permanent residence or citizenship in the member state in which they are residing.

Laura Devine”

The view the full article on The Times website (subscription required).