The Times - Law Diary

Edward Fennell
Published at 12:01AM, October 2 2014

Clooney's pre-nup

The best hope for those mourning the Clooney-Alamuddin marriage is that the couple fall out fast and get a quickie divorce. Word is that they had tough negotiations over the pre-nup. 'The sort of pre-nup that Clooney and Alamuddin may have entered into is a complicated matter,' says Frances Hughes, of top City family firm Hughes Fowler Carruthers. 'They were married in Italy, which still has the Napoleonic code, and they will have been asked to choose comunione dei beni or separazione dei beni é (the basic marital regimes) unless they have a notarised agreement electing another jurisdiction, which is more probable. However human rights-friendly Clooney appears, he will probably have his own rights at the forefront of his mind and will have elected California, rather than wife-friendly England and Wales, as the jurisdiction governing their pre-nup. I would hazard that a mean lump sum payment and a tightly worded confidentiality agreement would be crucial - even if he's thrown in in something for frivolity such as a lifetime's worth of dental fees.'

High-value immigration

Like family law, there are two ends of the immigration market; the down-at-heel and the shiny, ritzy corporates. Queen of the ritzy end is Laura Devine Solicitors, which won 'UK immigration advisory firm of the year 2014' at last week's high-value immigration awards at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair. Ms Devine said: 'I am delighted that our outstanding team has been given this award in recognition of its expertise and persistence in advancing beneficial UK immigration policy.' Note that phrase 'advancing beneficial UK immigration policy'. It might be useful for any politician wanting to present a more nuanced picture of what's happening. Even Ed Miliband could commit it to memory.

Westminster legal start

For the first time the media was invited to the Westminster Abbeyservice for the start of the legal year - a uniquely British occasion. Where else would you see that confluence of church, state and judiciary? Judges were all in full fig: and Chris Grayling, justice secretary, read from Isaiah while Lord Thomas, lord chief justice, from James, concluding: 'for justice will be without mercy to anyone who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment'.

Cyber secrets

K&L Gates hosts a conference today on 'Cyber risk and global security issues: is your business fully prepared?' 'Cyber-attacks are on the rise with unprecedented frequency, sophistication and scale,' the firm warns. 'They are pervasive across industries and geographical boundaries.' You kiddin' me? I just want to hear more about that Venetian wedding breakfast.

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