The Migration Advisory Committee's published report on Tier 2 minimum salary thresholds

In June 2015 the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was commissioned by the government to provide a two part review of Tier 2 of the Points Based System, the primary route for economic migration to the UK. The scope of the first part of the review was an analysis of Tier 2 minimum salary thresholds. The second and more substantial part shall be a wider review of the Tier 2 category, which is due to be published in December 2015.

Report on Tier 2 minimum salary thresholds
On Thursday 13 August the MAC published its report for the first part of its review, "Review of Tier 2: An analysis of salary thresholds". The report has recommended the government to be cautious in implementing any significant changes to the salary thresholds until the MAC can consider the evidence in conjunction with its wider Tier 2 review.
The report provided some useful analysis and some of the key points are set out below:

A summary of the MAC report is found here and the full report can be read online here.

Wider Tier 2 review
The MAC's recommendations to the government are representative of the feedback it receives from contributors and providing evidence to the MAC is an instrumental way for you to ensure that your thoughts and concerns of how the government's proposals may affect your business are heard.

Therefore we strongly encourage you to contribute to the MAC's wider review of Tier 2. You may do so by completing our survey here in order that we may incorporate your feedback into our response to the MAC. The deadline for responses to the MAC is Wednesday 23 September 2015.