The Law Society Gazette: Byron burgers – what we have learnt

2 August 2016

Irrespective of how one feels about the immigration ‘sting’, employers must understand what the law demands.

The recent Home Office raids at several Byron restaurant locations drew strong responses on both sides of the immigration debate. While some were angered by reports that the business allegedly lured employees to immigration stings on the false pretence of training, others expressed bewilderment that compliance with the letter of the law was so sharply criticised.

The raids resulted in the arrest of 35 employees from Albania, Brazil, Nepal, and Egypt, though Byron was ultimately cleared of fault, as it had complied with right-to-work check requirements and cooperated with the government’s investigation.

Independent of one’s position on how the situation was handled, employers must understand what the law demands with regard to right-to-work checks and record keeping for all employees, as well the significant consequences of failing to meet these requirements.

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