The Law Society Gazette: Brexit Negotiations and Immigration

On Tuesday 17 January 2017, Theresa May announced the government’s 12-point plan in her eagerly anticipated speech concerning Brexit. Laura Devine, Managing Partner of Laura Devine Solicitors, dissects this plan, with particular scrutiny placed on the objectives affecting immigration.

Laura begins by noting that whilst the 12 point plan was aspirational, it was light on detail and thereby unrealistic. To demonstrate this, she lists and breaks down what is intended to be achieved by the government for each individual objective. Laura finishes the article by commenting that it is evident that the government’s plan primarily revolves around the control and reduction of immigration. She submits that this consequently casts uncertainty on the other 11 objectives, as well as risking the UK’s position for forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

For Laura’s full comments, read the full article on the Law Society Gazette’s website.