Natasha Chell discusses the triggering of Article 50 with BBC News

29 March 2017

After Theresa May finally fired the starting gun on the process of Britain leaving the EU by triggering Article 50 on 29 March 2017, the prospect of life outside the EU became even closer. BBC News interviewed a panel of experts in its Article 50 Brexit special including Natasha Chell, a Partner at Laura Devine Solicitors, for their take on what this life may look like.

Natasha begins the interview by emphasising that the priority of the Government when creating new immigration legislation will be securing the rights of EU nationals living in the UK and for those British citizens living in the EU. She then comments on the immediate situation for EU nationals by reassuring them that nothing will change to their free movement rights until we leave. Natasha does concede that once we do leave, EU nationals will become subject to our domestic immigration rules, although she is hopeful that the Government will carve out some new favourable legislation considering the UK economy’s heavy reliance on EU nationals. Natasha foresees that EU nationals who have already acquired permanent residence before the UK leaves the EU, they would hopefully have their status replicated under new UK immigrations rules, although how this will work procedurally remains to be seen. She then clarifies that the immediate situation for UK citizens wanting live in the EU is identical to the situation for EU nationals living in the UK, with the future situation for both being dependent on the outcome of the imminent negotiations. Natasha finishes by explaining that any case which comes before the EU court after the UK leaves the EU should be decided against the rules which applied at the time of the challenged decision.