Natasha Chell quoted in The Times on the Solicitors Regulation Authority's requirements

Laura Devine Solicitor’s head of compliance Natasha Chell quoted in The Times.

Now lawyers are strategic advisers

In-house general counsels are facing diverse challenges as demands on their expertise rise, with increased regulation in the wake of the financial crash, along with the need to create value.

Increasing regulation
A requirement already exists for law firms to report misdemeanours. Natasha Chell, head of compliance at Laura Devine Solicitors, finds the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) guidance a constant demand. “The ‘grey areas’ can keep you up at night, especially as there is a requirement to report any material breaches of the regulations to the SRA,” she says.
The trick is to stay calm. “Maintaining a common-sense approach and balancing risk management so that it does not stifle the business is important,” says Ms Chell.

Charles Orton-Jones - The Times

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