Global: From US posting to permanent residency

Immigration to the USA for representatives and employees of foreign national governments is now more straightforward than ever, but employees of state-level governments face more limited options

A posting to the USA can have obvious appeal to those working in the diplomatic service or for international organisations like the United Nations. While long-term residence visas for the USA are notoriously hard to come by, representatives of foreign governments relocating to the USA are well catered for, as are their families.
For government officials, diplomats and staff of international organisations, US travel may range from a single meeting to longterm residency or even eventual citizenship. Regardless of one’s position in a foreign government or international organisation, the USA generally requires the proper visa for aliens to enter temporarily or reside for the long term. With adequate planning, those entering on official business encounter an accommodating and hospitable system that confers some notable benefits, especially with regard to the transfer of family and personal employees.

William Diaz, Laura Devine Solicitors

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