Christi Jackson discusses the US travel ban on BBC World News: Focus on Africa

After reporting on the reaction and outrage following President Trump’s immigration ban on 27th January, BBC World News: Focus on Africa interviewed Christi Jackson, attorney and head of the US practice at Laura Devine Solicitors in London, for her take on the controversial Executive Order.

Christi begins by explaining that the confusion in regards to the application of the ban stems from the poor drafting of the order itself. She then goes on to discuss some of the actual stories which have come to the public’s attention since the ban’s implementation, as well as the recent experiences of her own clients. Christi then advises that people should exercise caution and consult their lawyers before travelling to the US, at least until further clarity is reached. Although Christi finishes by accepting that national security is important, she highlights the peculiarity of the chosen countries given the lack of terror threat posed by their nationals to the US for over 40 years.

For Christi’s full comments, listen to the BBC Africa interview below.