Beware of scammers contacting sponsors for Level 1 user details

As you may be aware, the UKVI has issued a warning to sponsors on the Sponsor Management System (SMS) about a recent scam relating to Level 1 User details.

A number of sponsors have reported that a person purporting to be from the UKVI has advised them that the SMS system has been locked. The fraudster claims that UKVI requires a Level 1 username and password in order to reactivate the SMS account. In other cases, sponsors have been contacted by fraudsters requesting that their Level 1 user details be changed with the promise that having done the sponsor will be paid £2,000 for each CoS assigned.

Please note that in order to reactivate a SMS account the UKVI will never ask a sponsor to divulge SMS passwords under any circumstances. Moreover the sponsor guidance prohibits SMS users (Level 1 or 2) to share SMS passwords with a third party, as it is a breach of sponsor duty which could lead to compliance action being taken against the sponsor or even to the revocation of the sponsor licence.

Therefore not only to protect your company and your company's sponsor licence, we strongly urge you to ensure that all SMS users are aware of the sponsor duty not to share SMS passwords with anyone, even those purporting to be from the UKVI.

If you are in any doubt, SMS users may create a new password on the SMS login page which will be emailed to them directly.

Please report any suspicious emails or correspondence you have received to Action Fraud or if you have any queries, please contact your Client Care Manager.