Beware of fraudsters targeting Tier 2 sponsored workers in an attempt to extort money

We are aware of a serious fraud incident targeting a sponsored Tier 2 migrant. The scammer contacts the victim by telephone purporting to be an armed immigration officer investigating the migrant’s status, in order to extort money.

Such fraudsters may utilise personal information about the employee to seek to legitimise their claims and may employ extreme tactics to intimidate the migrant, including telling the victim that there is an irregularity with their UK immigration status, demanding funds to regularise their status and threatening deportation or arrest if their demands are not complied with.

Employers may wish to alert their sponsored workers and assure them that no genuine UK Immigration official would demand money; however convincing the person may otherwise appear, any request for funds indicates that the contact is fraudulent.

Employees who encounter any such incidents should report the matter to Action Fraud.

Please contact your usual Client Care Manager should you have any queries or require any assistance making a report.